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How Much Is A Small Skip For Hire In Essex?

If you are looking for a small skip hire company in Essex, you have come to the right place. Skip Hire Essex is a reliable and professional skip hire service that provides various options for skip sizes to meet the waste disposal demands of our clients.

We understand that one of the primary concerns of our clients is cost. That's why in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about how much is a small skip for hire in Essex, UK.

Skip Hire

Skip hire is an essential service that allows individuals and businesses to dispose of their waste legally and responsibly. Hiring a skip is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your waste, especially when dealing with a significant amount of waste.

At Skip Hire Essex, we understand that the cost of skip hire can be a significant consideration for our clients, and we work hard to keep our prices competitive while still providing high-quality service.

Skips for Hire

We offer a range of skip sizes to cater to individual waste disposal needs. With the help of our expert team, you can determine the best size for your intended waste disposal task.

We have four main sizes of skips available for hire; these include:

4 Yard Skips

Our 4-yard skips are the smallest size we offer, and they are ideal for small residential and commercial waste disposal tasks. These skips hold approximately 30 - 40 bin bags of waste, making them ideal for small jobs like garden waste, household rubbish, and small-scale renovation projects.

6 Yard Skips

Our 6-yard skips are popular for domestic and commercial purposes, and can hold around 50 - 60 bin bags of waste. These skips are perfect for medium-sized jobs such as constructing a bathroom, large room clearances, and other household and garden waste.

8 Yard Skips

Our 8-yard skips are perfect for large-scale waste disposal tasks such as major home renovations, building projects, and large landscaping jobs. These skips hold approximately 60 - 80 bin bags of waste.

12 Yard Skips

Our 12-yard skips are our largest option and available for larger waste disposal jobs. These are suitable for large commercial projects and can hold approximately 90 - 110 bin bags of waste.

Waste Types

At Skip Hire Essex, we accept various types of waste for disposal. Some of these include:

  • General waste;
  • Construction waste;
  • Garden waste;
  • Inert waste, such as soil, rubble, and concrete.

Cost of Hiring A Skip

The cost of hiring a skip can vary depending on various facxtors such as the skip size, the rental duration, and the type of waste to be disposed.

At Skip Hire Essex, we provide competitive skip hire prices while still ensuring a quality skip hire service.

Our prices vary depending on the location and skip size, and our expert team would be happy to provide you with a quote.

4 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Our 4-yard skip prices start from 210, and this includes VAT, delivery, collection, and disposal. However, it is worth noting that prices can vary depending on your location.

6 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Our 6-yard skip prices start from 240, and like the 4-yard skip, this price includes VAT, delivery, collection, and disposal. However, prices may differ based on location, as mentioned previously.

8 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Our 8-yard skip prices start from 265, VAT inclusive. This price also includes delivery, collection, and disposal, but as stated, prices may vary depending on location.

12 Yard Skip Hire Cost

Our 12-yard skip prices are quoted based on your individual requirements as they are the largest option we provide. When you contact us, we will tailor a quote that encompasses all that you need from renting a 12-yard skip.

It's worth mentioning that if the skip is placed on public property, such as a roadside, a permit may be needed which will increase the cost of the hire. However, we are on hand to help you with any permits that may be required.

Why choose Skip Hire Essex?

There are several reasons why you should choose Skip Hire Essex for your next waste disposal project.

Competitive pricing

At Skip Hire Essex, we strive to keep our prices competitive while still providing top-notch skip hire and waste management services.

Tailored service

We provide a tailored skip hire service to meet individual waste disposal requirements. Our expert team is always on hand to assist in choosing the right skip size, advising on permit requirements and providing helpful tips for successful skip hire and waste disposal.

Flexible skip hire duration

At Skip Hire Essex, we recognize that different projects have different timeframes. Our skip hire duration ranges from 1 day up to 2 weeks or longer upon request.

Professional waste disposal

We take pride in disposing of your waste safely and efficiently, using proper waste management procedures while adhering to industry regulations.

Convenient location

Our skip hire service is based in Essex, East of England, England, making it a convenient location for clients who are based in and around Essex.


Skip Hire Essex is a reliable and professional skip hire service that offers various skip sizes to cater to different waste disposal needs. Our prices are competitive, and our focus is always on providing excellent customer service.

If you are looking for small skip hire for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01206 912421 or at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our services.

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