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How Much Does Mini Skip Hire Cost in Essex?

Welcome to Skip Hire Essex - your local mini skip hire company in Essex. We specialize in all types of waste disposal, including skip hire services that cater for homeowners, builders, and businesses alike. Whether you need a mini skip for a simple house clearance or a large skip for a construction site, we have the expertise and experience to deliver a prompt, efficient and professional service.

Our skips are available in different sizes and price ranges to suit your needs and budget. So, how much does mini skip hire cost in Essex? In this article, we'll explore the different factors that determine the cost of mini skip hire in Essex and offer some tips on how to save money. Let's get started.

What is Skip Hire?

Skip hire is a waste management solution that involves hiring a skip for a period of time to dispose of your unwanted rubbish. Skips are large metal bins that come in various sizes, ranging from mini skips to large skips. They are placed on your driveway or the road outside your property, and you fill them with your unwanted waste. Once the skip is full, our team will come and collect the skip and dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly way.

Skip hire is popular for home renovations, garden clearances, office moves, and building sites. It enables you to dispose of a large amount of waste in one go and saves you time, effort and money.

Mini Skip Hire in Essex

Mini skips are the smallest type of skips available for hire. They are perfect for small home projects, garden clearances or general household clearances. They are also the most affordable type of skips, making it cost-effective for homeowners to dispose of their waste.

At Skip Hire Essex, we offer mini skips in two sizes - 2 yards and 4 yards. The 2-yard skip is suitable for small amounts of waste, such as garden waste or rubble, while the 4-yard skip is ideal for larger amounts of waste like DIY projects or garage clearances.

Factors That Affect Skip Hire Cost

The cost of skip hire in Essex depends on several factors:

Skip Size

The size of the skip you choose will affect the price. The larger the skip size, the higher the cost. Our mini skips range from 2 yards to 4 yards.

Hire Time

The length of time you hire the skip will affect the cost. The longer you need the skip, the higher the price will be. At Skip Hire Essex, we offer skip hire services between 1-14 days, depending on your needs.

Type of Waste

The type of waste you collect in the skip will affect the cost. Some types of waste, such as hazardous or electrical waste, are more expensive to dispose of. However, at Skip Hire Essex, we accept most types of waste, including general household waste, garden waste, and construction waste.


The location of your property will affect the cost of skip hire. If you live in a remote area or require the skip to be placed in a difficult location, the cost will be higher. However, at Skip Hire Essex, we deliver and collect our skips throughout Essex, so location should not be an issue.

How Much Does Mini Skip Hire Cost in Essex?

At Skip Hire Essex, our mini skip prices start from 99 for a 2-yard skip and 149 for a 4-yard skip. The price includes delivery and collection of the skip, and disposal of the waste. However, the final cost will depend on the factors listed above. Here's a breakdown of our mini skip prices:

  • 2-yard mini skip - 99
  • 4-yard mini skip - 149

In addition to mini skip hire, we also offer larger skips for more extensive projects, including builders' skips and roll-on-roll-off skips.

  • 6-yard builders' skip - 189
  • 8-yard builders' skip - 229
  • 12-yard roll-on-roll-off skip - 379
  • 20-yard roll-on-roll-off skip - 599

Saving Money on Skip Hire in Essex

Here are some tips on how to save money on skip hire in Essex:

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size skip for your needs is crucial. If you hire a skip that is too small, you may need to hire a second skip, which will increase the cost. On the other hand, if you hire a skip that is too large, you'll be paying for space that you don't need. At Skip Hire Essex, we can help you choose the right size of skip for your individual needs.

Consider Sharing a Skip

If you have a smaller amount of waste to dispose of, consider sharing a skip with your neighbors or friends. This will reduce the cost for everyone involved.

Keep the Skip Safe

If you're placing your skip on your driveway, make sure you keep it safe from theft or damage. Don't put anything valuable or dangerous in the skip and consider hiring a lockable skip to prevent unauthorized access.

Recycle and Reuse

Consider recycling or reusing some of your waste. You'll reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of in the skip, and you can save money on skip hire costs.

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